What Program/Tablet is that?

I do a lot of work on this comic at local coffee houses and such because I have this weird thing where I can't work at home.  I'd like to have a friggin Wacom tablet PC/Cintiq/etc. but since I don't have that much blood to sell, I make do with this setup, which for like the sixth time in a month someone asked me about, so here goes:

Monoprice Tablet

People see me drawing, and if they've done anything with digital art before, the first question is usually a confused, "Which Wacom tablet is that?"  Well good sir, t'is not a Wacom at all, but a cheap-o (comparatively) one from www.monoprice.com.  It is just as good at what it does as an intuos in my opinion, with the main deficiencies by comparison being lack of rotation/tilt sensing, and the stylus requires a battery.  Be sure to buy one with an aspect ratio that matches your screen, or you're gonna have a bad time.


Manga Studio 5.5

Most of the early pages were done in ArtRage 4, but the last twenty-five or so are almost entirely created with Manga Studio.  The lettering system is a lot easier and it comes with a good system for tones and backgrounds also.  Did I mention it's way cheaper than photoshop?  Because it's way cheaper than photoshop.  

All pictures link to the Amazon.com pages for them, but it's possible to shop around from either Monoprice itself, or Smith Micro occasionally puts things on sale for lower than Amazon.

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I've added a sketchbook to the comic.  It sucks right now because there's just one concept page up and it's of a character that hasn't appeared in the the actual comic yet.  Just go with it!

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New pages are coming, just delayed because I decided to get a little too epic with some panels and it's taking a while to get them ready for human consumption.  

In other news, November might be a little light on updates and pages because while some people are growing absurd facial hair, I've decided to spend November doing NaNoWriMo.  (Not that I don't support cancer research, I just can't grow facial hair for shit.)  I'm pretty set on the story I'll be writing this year, and I don't think I'll be leaving the Arrow in the Moon universe.  A parallel story set within the Molhoran Homeland itself has been brewing in my head since I started this comic and I've always wanted to branch a world I created across multiple formats.

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Here. We. Go.

If it's past 12:15pm on Tuesday, 08/20/2013, then An Arrow in the Moon is now live and the first three pages of the actual comic are ready for your viewing pleasure.  Just head on down to the archive and start reading from page one of the "Queen of Rivers" chapter.  Update schedule is Tuesday and Thursday, we'll see how long I can stick to that.  Hopefully I can keep cranking this stuff out.  There's a lot of places I want to take this story.

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Adventure is coming.

First comic drops in five days!  ("Drops".  Is it right to use that for a webcomic and not a rap album?)  Anyway, do you like Knights, Lords, Ladies, Swords and Sorcery?  An Arrow in the Moon has it all.  In the meantime, I'll be putting up art every day until Tuesday leading up the the start.

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